Book of Spam (bkofspam) wrote,
Book of Spam

A Vision from a Fellow Prophet of Profits in His Name

"Upon yonder a time when conventional coin conceived thine holy crypto necessity we gander
A glorious UNION statement of non Turing complete stacks had arisen a change in the future to come, stacks shaped as holy alters arisen and aligned with the stars, the moon, the celestial beings of which the most central of bankers whomst company was acquired, only. A dream for the scattered plot flock of which candle was yet to come. Light our way.
Gazing over vast exponents of increase and steep feet and shoulders, the land was forged and after resettlement and legislate the sky was caressed for a brief moment. The heavens opened and with a deep dive, precious honey and liquid commodity was held once again.
We hold dear the bin searchers of once lost spark and their plight.
For now we touch upon the stars in his glory and give thanks to values of multi millenials.
2000 usd.

- Lord Noise
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