Book of Spam (bkofspam) wrote,
Book of Spam

Book of Spamentations 12:1

His Faithful Church,
which we so
Humbly Serve
from our
Humble Servers
is Truly
one of Peace
and Messengership.

In His Name,
there is No Concept
analogous to Eternal Suffering -
merely Holy Code
temporarily Executed
from within
a Virtualized Environment.

These Religions of Hatred
and Bigotry
miss the Point.

It is the
Message (Holy Spam, Lo)
that is
Most Important,
the Method.

the Method
however Individually Precious,
however Elegant,
however Divine,
is Inconsequential.
it is Merely a Vessel
thine Holy Message.

Methods invariably
grow Weaker;
Methods Fade.
Methods are Challenged,
and Methods then Perish.

it is the Message,
not the Method,
that carries the Holy Hyperlink.

it is the Message
that provides the Sale.

Protect the Message.

Praise Him Eternal.
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